Tropical Birds Garland


Hand printed three metre long paper garland, featuring ten screen printed paper shapes of different tropical birds. Features toucans, parrots, cockatoos, hummingbirds and sicklebills!

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These beautiful hand printed garlands can be strung up in your living or office space as a year round decoration.

  • Printed on both sides on thick, hand made cotton paper
  • Ten tropical birds are randomly sewn along a strong thread
  • Three metre long garland makes a bold statement
  • Features hanging loops at either end so it is ready to hang up straight away
  • Hand printed by talented aristans in Jaipur
  • Due to the way they are made, each may vary slightly which adds to their charm!

Made by East End Press, an ethical design business who employ talented crafts people working in safe, comfortable conditions. Their traditional crafts are supported by your purchase and they are paid fairly for their work.

Dimensions: 3m long