Tiny Lungs


A collection of 25+ poems by Bristol poet Joanna Bennett. Exploring the ups and downs of everyday life, parenthood, politics and living life during a pandemic.

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Inhalation / Exhalation

In difficult times the inhalations are shallow, tense, tight, anxious, emphasised. The exhalations bring release, lowering the heart rate, releasing tension, breathing out any toxins and allowing fresh oxygen to flood back in.

The inhalations and the exhalations sit side by side, companion ups and downs, intertwining at times. And I realise I am glad for the cycles that bring me to this point.
Breathe in, breathe out. Tiny precious lungs.

In her second collection of poems, Bristol poet Joanna Bennett explores the ups and downs – the inhalations and exhalations – of the last few years. Joanna takes inspiration from everyday joys, loss and yearning for loved ones, motherhood, the changing political landscape, giving birth and raising children in a pandemic, gratitude for the kindness and laughter.

The poems are accompanied by illustrations from Joanna’s 5 year old son, Arthur Morgan and presented in a lo-fi black and white book.

5×8 inch paperback book
Book written and designed by Joanna Bennett and released by The Whole Gang Press