My Big Book of the World’s Greatest Art


This beautifully illustrated book from The Printed Peanut’s Louise Lockhart, allows children to delve deep into the evolution of art through the ages. A lovely gift that will be revisited time and time again.

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Encourage a lifelong appreciation of art with this gorgeous children’s book. Explore famous artists and artworks from each major art period through gently coloured illustrations and accessible nuggets of information. Children will learn:

  • How the earliest artists mixed pigments
  • How ancient civilisations worshiped their gods
  • How religion drove artistic efforts in the middle ages
  • How scientific discoveries inspired Renaissance painters and sculptors

They’ll observe artists playing key roles in revolutions both historic and cultural and they’ll visit a modern museum to see what today’s artists are creating. Packed with endless possibilities for learning, this book offers kids a new way to engage with and understand the art they experience every day. Written and illustrated by Louise Lockhart, of The Printed Peanut, this large hardback book makes a lovely gift and will quickly become a family favourite.

Dimensions: 23.34 x 31.45 cm
Hardback 48 pages
Recommended ages 8-12