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Rediscover the joy of making with your own hands and be guided through the process by award-winning surfboard maker, James Otter.

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The power of your own two hands.

In this brilliant book award-winning wooden surfboard maker James Otter shares his passion for craftsmanship and making. He invites us to rediscover the joy of making and experience the joy of reconnecting with our creativity – and ourselves – by using our hands to transform natural natural materials into objects of beauty and utility.

  • Learn what to make, where to make it and how to get starting
  • Understand how to trust the process and let go of perfection
  • Develop confidence in your skills and ability
  • Discover the joys and benefits of making such as improved focus and enhanced mood
  • Includes a ‘how to’ guide to make your own handplane to take bodysurfing
  • Featuring beautiful colour photography throughout
  • Pocket size and bite size information allows you to dip in when you need or read from cover to cover

From making our coffee in the morning to folding a paper airplane, we are all makers and making requires us to slow down and become absorbed in the process. A perfect antidote to our fast-paced world.

Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size. The Do Books pack an inspirational punch and will have you coming back for more.

Dimensions: 12.07 x 17.78 cm
Paperback 128 pages