Chunky Baby Bonnet 6-12 months


Beautiful baby bonnets handmade by Stitching Me Softly in Bristol using merino blend wool.


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Zebra (£2.50)

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Beautiful chunky ribbed baby bonnets with a cute pixie point. Handmade by Bristol based Stitching Me Softly, these are a gorgeous and practical gift.

  • Perfect for winter as they keep little ears warm
  • With a tie fastening so babies and toddlers can’t pull them off
  • Available in a variety of different unisex colours
  • Made with a merino wool blend yarn which naturally regulates temperature, making these bonnets perfect for all seasons
  • Super soft and beautifully made

These gorgeous bonnets are one of our most popular new born and first Christmas gifts. Expertly made and beautifully crafted, they make an heirloom gift that can be passed down the family.

Materials: Merino wool/acrylic fibre blend yarn

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Dark Grey, Sage, Mustard, Smokey Pink